Green Mac and Cheese

Green Mac and Cheese

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Adjust Servings:
10 ounces Macaroni Elbow Pasta
4 cups Milk
2 cups Spinach
1 cup Basil Pesto
1 teaspoon Sea Salt
0.5 teaspoon Ground Black Pepper
1 teaspoon Garlic Powder
8 ounces, grated Mozzarella Cheese

Green Mac and Cheese

  • 25 minutes
  • Serves 4
  • Easy




Green mac and cheese with spinach and basil pesto!

Savory, creamy, cheesy mac and cheese with aspects of green and all made in one pot!

One pot recipes are amazing. Easy to make and easy clean up!

Who can resist creamy and cheesy mac and cheese?

I love this green version as I snuck in a green vegetable and added mega flavor with green pesto!

You can use store bought pesto or make my easy sunflower and basil pesto.

Adding spinach not only adds a beautiful hint of green but also adds some nutritional value to this decadent meal!

Any dark leafy green works great with pasta. I especially love spinach as it’s tender and cooks quickly.

This mac and cheese is a one pot meal. The macaroni gets cooked in the milk so there is no need to make a cheese sauce!

The starch from the pasta thickens the milk sauce. It’s food science magic.

Adding the pesto and cheese gives the most creamy and savory result!

Any pesto works great, however, homemade is always best.

For cheese, I am going with the classic mozzarella.

It’s melts beautifully into the sauce and adds the perfect amount of cheese flavor.

You can add any cheese your heart desires. White cheddar, gruyere and fontina are also great options.

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Cook The Macaroni Pasta

Add 10 ounces of macaroni elbow pasta and 4 cups of milk to a large pot.

Turn the heat to high and bring to a gentle boil.

Cook the pasta until al-dente, uncovered, stirring frequently, about 8-10 minutes.

Next, lower the heat to medium and add 2 cups of roughly chopped spinach. Stir to wilt the spinach.


Add The Pesto & Season

Turn off the heat then add 1 cup of basil pesto and stir to combine.

Season with 1 teaspoon of sea salt, 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper and 1 teaspoon of garlic powder.

Lastly, add 10 ounces of grated mozzarella cheese and stir to melt the cheese.

Grab a fork and taste the mac and cheese. Adjust seasoning if needed.

As the mac and cheese cools, the sauce will thicken slightly.



Garnish the mac and cheese with some fresh basil or parsley and enjoy!

Store any leftovers in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.


Hi guys, so glad you are here! My food blog is about easy, colorful and mostly healthy recipes. I grew up in Germany and have been in the states since 2002. Currently, I am living in sunny Miami, FL! Please leave me a comment if you have questions or recipe requests and also follow me on social media via @foodbyjonister. Happy cooking and eating!

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