The Classy Orange Cocktail

The Classy Orange Cocktail

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Adjust Servings:
6 (or more) Ice Cubes
1 ounce (Cointreau) Orange Liqueur
1.5 ounces Gin / Vodka / Tequila
1 ounce Fresh Orange Juice
0.5 ounce Fresh Lemon Juice

The Classy Orange Cocktail

  • 5 Minutes
  • Serves 1
  • Easy




The classy orange cocktail is so easy to make and very refreshing.

Citrus fruit works so well in cocktails a it adds fruitiness and acidity.

You only need 4 ingredients and a cocktail shaker to make this drink.

The below measurements make 1 drink but you can easily double or triple it if you have a big cocktail shaker.

Though I prefer gin, this recipe also works really well with vodka or tequila!

When making a cocktail at home, I like keeping it simple and since I always have and love the flavor, cointreau was a must in this drink!

This cocktail recipe is not very sweet so if you prefer a sweet drink, add a bit of simple syrup.

Before adding the simple syrup, I recommend trying your orange as it can be very sweet, especially when the fruit is in season.

Simply syrup is 1:1 ratio water to sugar and can be made in minutes in a small sauce pan.

Just be sure the syrup is fully cooled before adding it to your cocktail.

This cocktail is shaken not stirred and there is a bit of a scientific reason behind it.

Stirring the mixture chills and dilutes a cocktail whereas shaking additionally changes its texture.

While shaken inside the shaker, the ice also aerates the drink with tiny air bubbles. This gives the cocktail a slightly cloudy appearance.




Add ingredients to a cocktail shaker

Start by filling your cocktail shaker with ice, be sure to leave some room.

Next, add the liquids then seal the shaker and shake well for 30 seconds.


Pour The Drink

Using the cocktail shaker's pouring spout, pour the strained drink into a cocktail glass.

You can garnish with a fresh or dehydrated slice of orange.


Dehydrate Citrus Slices

If you want to get fancy and have a dehydrator, you can slice then dehydrate orange and lemon slices at 135°F for 12-24 hours.


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