Custard Apple Cake

Custard Apple Cake

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Adjust Servings:
2 Large Eggs
0.5 cup Oil (I use Olive Oil)
0.5 cup Honey
0.25 cup Sugar
2 teaspoons Pure Vanilla Extract/Paste
0.5 cup Milk (I use Almond Milk)
0.75 cup All-Purpose Flour
2 teaspoons Baking Powder
1 teaspoon Sea Salt
3 Green Apples
1, zested Orange

Custard Apple Cake

  • 60 Minutes
  • Serves 6
  • Medium




A custard apple cake with simple ingredients that is easy to make, cozy and delicious!

Baking a cake can be a big task, however, this recipe comes together quickly and does not require any decorating as it’s rustic and beautiful.

This cake is not your standard cake as the texture is slightly eggy, delicate, sweet yet light.

What makes this cake custard-y is the bigger wet to dry ingredient ratio, honey and oil.

Traditionally, cakes call for lots of flour, butter and sugar. However, with this recipe submitting oil for butter and mostly honey for granulated sugar makes a whorl of a difference.

If you love the taste of honey, use a dark amber honey, however, I am using a lighter honey for personal preference.

Almost any oil can be used for baking purposes but I’ve found that the best two are a light olive oil or vegetable oil as they are neutral in flavor.

To keep this cake dairy free, I am using unsweetened almond milk or oat milk. You can use any unsweetened milk you have on hand.

What gives this custard apple cake structure are the eggs and flour.

You can also use half all-purpose flour and half almond flour for an even more tender crumb.

I much prefer using vanilla pasta over vanilla extract for recipe like this as you will be able to see the vanilla specs in the cake!

This cake is simple yet delicious, however, if you love adding spices here are my recommendations: add 1/2 teaspoon of ground cardamom or ground ginger.

Any medium-size cake or baking pan will work for this recipe.

If you are using a spring form cake pan, I recommend lining the bottom with parchment paper for easy removal.

There is no need to grease the pan as the cake batter contains a good amount of fat.

When using a glass baking dish, be sure to monitor your oven temperature as the sides and bottom can bake and brown faster.

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Get a Large Mixing Bowl

First, preheat the oven to 350°F and get a baking pan or cake pan.

To a large mixing bowl, add the eggs, oil and honey.

Pro tip - use the same measuring cup that you used for the oil for the honey as the lightly oil coated measuring cup will allow the honey to easily slide out the measuring cup.


Get a Whisk

Next, add the sugar then whisk well to combine.


Add the remaining wet ingredients

Lastly, add the milk (unsweetened almond or oat milk are my go-to for dairy free option) and pure vanilla extract or paste.

Whisk well to combine then set aside.


Thinly Slice The Apples

Wash and dry the green apples (also known as granny smith apples) then slice thinly.

In a small bowl, quickly whisk together the all-purpose flour, baking powder and salt.


Combine Wet and Dry Ingredients

Add the dry ingredients to the large mixing bowl with the wet ingredients and mix to combine.

You can use a spatula or whisk for this step. Some clumps are ok.


Add Sliced Apples and Orange Zest

Now add the thinly sliced apples and the zest of 1 large orange.

Mix to combine one last time.



Pour the batter into any medium size baking dish. I prefer a ceramic baking dish for this custard apple cake.

You can line the baking dish with parchment paper if desired.

Bake the cake in your preheated oven for 45-50 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out mostly clean.

Since this is a custard cake, the crumb should still be a bit moist.


Allow To Cool Then Serve

Once removed from the oven, allow the custard apple cake to cool on the counter for at least 10 minutes.

You can garnish the top of the cake with a bit more fresh orange zest and/or a light dusting of powdered sugar, if desired.



Store any leftovers in an air-tight container on your kitchen counter for up to 2 days or in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.

Keep in mind that storing baked goods in the refrigerator will dry them out a bit.

For a warmed up slice of cake, pop it into the microwave for 20-30 seconds.


Hi guys, so glad you are here! My food blog is about easy, colorful and mostly healthy recipes. I grew up in Germany and have been in the states since 2002. Currently, I am living in sunny Miami, FL! Please leave me a comment if you have questions or recipe requests and also follow me on social media via @foodbyjonister. Happy cooking and eating!

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The measurements are listed in cups. O.5 cup is 1/2 cup and 0.75 cup is 3/4 cup. 1⁄2 cup of liquid = 4 ounces. 1/4 cup sugar = 1.76 ounces. 3/4 cup of flour = 3.3 ounces.

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