Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Sauce

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Adjust Servings:
12 ounces Raw Whole Cranberries
1 (zest & juice) Orange
1 cup Sugar
0.75 cup Water
2 Cinnamon Sticks

Cranberry Sauce

Way Better Than The Store Bought Stuff!

  • 20 minutes
  • Serves 6
  • Medium




Cranberry sauce is sort of a staple for a holiday feast and it is so easy to make it yourself!

Stay away from the canned sauce with tons of preservatives, once you see how easy it is and how much better it tastes when it’s homemade, you’ll never look back!

It only takes a few ingredients and a few minutes to make.

Cranberry sauce is tart, sweet and makes the perfect addition to any holiday dish!





Grab a Medium Size Sauce Pan

Add the raw cranberries, water sugar, zest and juice of one orange to your sauce pan.

Heat on high heat, cover the pan and bring it up to a boil.

Once at a boil, remove the top and reduce the heat to medium-low or low and allow the sauce to simmer for 15-20 minutes.

The sauce should be reduced and thickened.


Transfer To Serving Bowl

If you plan to serve this sauce the same day you make it, transfer the sauce into your serving bowl.

Keep covered until you are ready to serve.



If you make this sauce a day or two ahead of time or you have sauce leftover, store it in a glass jar that you can seal.

This sauce lasts in your refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.


Hi guys, so glad you are here! My food blog is about easy, colorful and mostly healthy recipes. I grew up in Germany and have been in the states since 2002. Currently, I am living in sunny Miami, FL! Please leave me a comment if you have questions or recipe requests and also follow me on social media via @foodbyjonister. Happy cooking and eating!

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Joni, this is the best cranberry sauce recipe ! So easy 🙂
Starting the first day in November, people go on the hunt for cranberries…
Love this version – thank you 🙂

Hi Paula, yes you can certainly freeze this recipe but if you store it in a sterilized mason jar with an air-tight lid it will last up to 1 month just like jam would 🙂

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